People and resources for your logistics  


Specialists of the chemical logistics, we know how to MANAGE, STORE, TRANSPORT any types of chemicals: solid, liquid, gas, packaged.

ECTRA : men for your service

A team of professionals with 20 years experience in regulated product

Trained staff, equipped and able to manage transport of at-risk products.

Daily respect for instructions and procedures.

ECTRA : means for your service

Secure, clean, climate-controlled warehouses. Spaces suited to storage of regulated products (administrative and technical supervision).

Computerized management using specialized software ensuring that regulatory constraints are met (ICPE regulation, transport regulations
relating to hazardous materials, etc.)

Interfacing with ERP and commerce software (SAP, SAGE, ORACLE, etc.)

ECTRA : transport for your service

A fleet of vehicles equipped and licensed to transport hazardous materials (raw materials, finished products and waste).

Transportation under controlled temperature.

regulated logistics, chemistry

Trade in chemical products
Handling of
hazardous material
Routing of goods
Transport and
management of waste
Services provided
at customer sites /
Hazardous goods
transport safety advisor
Management of information flow (CoA, industrial waste tracking, procurement, temperature, etc...)
Expertise normes REACH
secure warehousesregulated productssolid, liquid, gaseous, packaged.

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